Sidekick Program

Sidekick Program

As an extension of our services, and to answer the ever changing needs of the child welfare system, Fosterful is now offering in-home case aides - or Sidekicks! 

Sidekicks volunteers are paired with foster care or kinship caregivers to help promote stability for the placement. We know that it takes a village to raise children, and Sidekicks wants to be that village. Sidekicks volunteers walk alongside the child or children with a recurring, consistent schedule each month. They provide in-home babysitting, after school care, transportation to and from enrichment activities, and general companionship to children and families experiencing foster care. 

Caregivers must show proof of their current foster license, and services are subject to availability. Ready to get started? Request a Sidekick using the form below.

Currently ONLY Available in Clark County

The Sidekick Program is currently only available in Clark County, but we hope to expand our area of reach in the near future.

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